About Us: The Store

Artisan Meat Market in Lubbock

Custom Meats and Novelty Steaks

We provide only the finest beef, pork, and chicken in Lubbock with locally sourced meats and novelty cuts you won’t find anywhere else around these parts.  Call ahead or come by the butcher shop in Lubbock to personally select your meat. 

Highest Quality Beef, Chicken, and Pork

Llano Estacado Cattle Company began with a simple purpose: to provide the finest meats with unmatched customer service in Lubbock.  In the past, our grandparents made weekly trips to their local butcher shop to purchase fresh meat to enjoy with their families.  The mass market grocery stores have slowly replaced high-quality meats and personal service.  We are bringing that experience back.

A Local Butcher That Knows Your Name

We are not just about selling the highest quality meats in Lubbock.  We build relationships that enable us to provide you the best experience as well.  Our friendly, artisan butchers will get to know you and your preferences for steaks, chicken, bacon, and more.  We strive to provide you with a great experience where you leave confident in the quality of your meats and educated about the best practices to prepare them.  Come on in!  We can’t wait to shake your hand.

Quarter, Half, and Whole Beefs

One steak?  A half pound of bacon?  Yep, we love to help you pick the best of those.  We also offer bulk beef in quarters, halves, and wholes.  Stock the freezer this year with the best meat!

Meet Our Artisan Butchers

Our families have been in the cattle business for generations.  From the ranching days of the 1800’s through modern food brokerages, we know meat and that ain’t no bull.  Get to know the experts that literally know everything about choosing and butchering meat for an unbelievable dining experience.

The Best Chicken, Pork, and Steaks in Lubbock

Custom Beef

Our custom butcher shop in Lubbock offers the finest beef and premier cuts from the best Black Angus cattle in Texas.

Premier Pork and Bacon

Specialty pork cuts and artisan bacon in Lubbock.  Choose your cuts and thickness for the finest pork in Lubbock.

Artisan Chicken

Our artisan chicken is from the finest poultry raisers throughout Texas with a focus on authentic chicken cuts.

Ready For The Best Meat Of Your Life?