The Meat: Beef Of The Highest Grade

Steaks, Roasts, Ground... Anyway You Need It

The Best Beef In Lubbock

What happens when you take the absolute best Black Angus beef, age it to perfection, and place it in the hands of an artisan butcher?  Pure magic.  Our beef is second to none, and we can cut it to your specifications from steaks to brisket to ground beef.


Our expert butchers can cut any steak to your specifications.  If you like an extra think ribeye and the Mrs. likes a thinner strip, we will get you fixed up.

Roasts and Briskets

Nothing makes your mouth water like a slow cooked roast or mesquite smoked brisket.  Come on by and find the best roasts and briskets in town.

Ground Beef

Ground beef is the most versatile meat from a cow. Our ground beef is made of the finest Black Angus available for a taste you won’t believe.

Any Cut In Any Quantity

We can supply any cut of beef you need in any quantity.  If you want 125 hatchet steaks for an event or 500 pounds of premium hamburger meat, just holler at us.  Just need that one perfect cut of meat for the man that has everything?  We got that too – along with recommendations on the perfect pairings and preparation.  Not sure just what you want yet?  We can help you figure it out.

Looking For Pork Or Chicken?

Chicken: Pure And Simple

Did you know that most chicken on the grocery store shelf is injected with a saline solution that can add as much as 50% of the overall weight?  Partner, you buy that bird from them by the pound.  How does it feel buying that salt water?  We sell only fresh, never frozen chicken, and with as little saline as possible to keep the meat from drying out.

Perfect Pork… And Bacon

From roasts to loins and pork chops –  you will not believe the quality of this pork.  We source the finest pork in the area and prepare it with the hand of a master butcher.  If you are looking for bacon, then you’ve found it.  We offer artisan bacon with our own curing processes.  Our bacon can be cut to any thickness and in any amount.  

Meet Our Artisan Butchers

Our families have been in the cattle business for generations.  From the ranching days of the 1800’s through modern food brokerages, we know meat and that ain’t no bull.  Get to know the expert’s that literally know everything about choosing and butchering meat for an unbelievable dining experience.

Ready For The Best Meat Of Your Life?