The Meat: Pork and Bacon

The Very Best Pork In Lubbock

Top Quality Pork and Bacon

We offer only perfectly cured ham, artisan bacon, and the finest cuts of pork in Lubbock.  

Bacon and Hams

The right bacon and ham begins with the best meat.  Next we cure it to perfection and cut it to meet your desire.  Perfect.  Every time.

Roasts and Loins

Pork roasts and loins can be some of the most tender and flavorful portions of a pig.  We can custom butcher roasts and loins to meet your needs.

Pork Chops

Thin cut or ultra thick, we can custom butcher pork chops to your preference and in quantities from 1 to hundreds.  Just tells us how you’d like it.

Pork In Orders Large or Small

We can cover any pork needs in orders large or small.  Even whole animals ready to be roasted.  Just holler at one of our artisan butchers and let us know what you are planning for.  We will get your meat order ready for pickup.

Looking For Chicken or Beef?

Chicken: Pure And Simple

Did you know that most chicken on the grocery store shelf is injected with a saline solution that can add as much as 50% of the overall weight?  Partner, you buy that bird from them by the pound.  How does it feel buying that salt water?  We sell only fresh, never frozen chicken, and with as little saline as possible to keep the meat from drying out.

The Best Beef In Lubbock

We start with the finest dry aged beef available sourced from local and regional cattle growers.  From there we make the choicest cuts to provide your family with the most tender and best tasting beef.  Whether hamburgers, t-bone steaks, or prime rib our artisan butchers can supply your needs.

Meet Our Artisan Butchers

Our families have been in the cattle business for generations.  From the ranching days of the 1800’s through modern food brokerages, we know meat and that ain’t no bull.  Get to know the expert’s that literally know everything about choosing and butchering meat for an unbelievable dining experience.

Ready For The Best Meat Of Your Life?