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With more than fifty years of experience in the local meat brokering and generations of family cattle raising, we know everything about sourcing and preparing the finest beef, pork, and chicken.

Brent Simpson

Director of Operations, Artisan Bullshitter

Born in Abilene, Texas, Brent was raised in a meat packing and ranching family. He graduated from Abilene HS, and followed up by graduating from Texas Tech University with a BA.

Brent enjoys watching the sunrise with a strong cup of joe and loves watching it set with a cold beer, or occasionally a smooth bourbon.

He’s got a quick and witty nature with an ironic sense of humor, that’s gotten him into trouble on more than a few occasions. He loves dad jokes and by photographic evidence, he hasn’t shaved his mustache since circa 1995. He loves himself a spunky Hawaiian shirt, and his favorite Christmas gift he’s received are tiny bottles of cologne that his grandkids got him.

He has traveled extensively through the US in pursuit of rainbow trout, brown trout, and mule deer. One of his greatest adventures to this day was dove hunting in Argentina. He smuggled in a Copenhagen can full of his best friend’s ashes to scatter at The Roost.

Other hobbies include camping and exotic vacations, where he went sky diving successfully and scuba diving semi-successfully (his mustache interfered with the scuba mask.) He also loves writing music and regularly attends live music festivals.

Some of Brent’s bucket list items include:

  • Fly fishing in Argentina
  • Hunting in South Africa
  • Watching Great White Sharks jump out of the water while chasing seals
  • Traveling above the Arctic Circle to see the Aurora Borialis 

Troy Rusk

Artisan Butcher

Troy was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, in the shadows of Lowery Field. 

In his youth, he was an avid athlete, found on courts and fields of all kinds. He is an avid fan of Texas Tech; therefore, his favorite colors are red and black! He also likes to watch Dallas Cowboys football, but he still prefers Tom Landry to any other coach. Troy loves hunting whitetail deer and going bass fishing. He has five adult children (3 girls, 2 boys) and one grandchild.

Troy is a an excellent cook in the back yard on the grill and loves it. His favorite meal is a thick and juicy ribeye steak and mashed potatoes. He also loves drinking down a vodka with cranberry while barbecuing. He is a gentle teddy bear who hates public speaking, but when chatting with another person, you can’t get him to be quiet!

Troy started in a butcher shop at age 14. In his career, he has worked as a market manager and director for two major corporations, overseeing as many as twenty individual locations. Most recently, Troy spent several years as a buyer and broker for a supplier in Fort Worth.

The Best Chicken, Pork, and Steaks in Lubbock

Custom Beef

Our custom butcher shop in Lubbock offers the finest beef and premier cuts from the best Black Angus cattle in Texas.

Premier Pork and Bacon

Specialty pork cuts and artisan bacon in Lubbock.  Choose your cuts and thickness for the finest pork in Lubbock.

Artisan Chicken

Our artisan chicken is from the finest poultry raisers throughout Texas with a focus on authentic chicken cuts.

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